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As you read our track specs, your pulse will undoubtedly quicken. Just imagine what will happen when you actually take to the track. Motorsport enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing North America’s longest Grand Prix-style racecourse. Stretching nearly nine miles, the courses will mirror some of the world’s most unique racing venues, while providing safe and exciting opportunities for all types of vehicles.

Each course will provide an unmatched driving experience. Whether your passion is for open wheel, motorcycle, sports sedans, historic or collector cars, the tracks at Prairie Hills will offer the ultimate test of your skills.

Track Specifications

  • Hundreds of track configurations
  • Five tracks configured to run in either direction; independent, or in combination with each other
  • North track: two tracks of 1.8 miles and 2.2 miles, 25 double-apex, off camber, hairpin, blind and carousel turns
  • South track: 35' elevation change, two tracks of 2.3 miles and 3 miles, 34 G-force inducing turns
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